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What is our mission?

Our mission is to function as a motivational enrichment program and resources for youth in assuring that they can pass state mandated academic competency examinations through family involvement within various School Districts.  The Corporation shall actively seek to assist in academic improvement and social enrichment using Students, Parents, Guardians, Volunteers, Churches and Community Organizations.

What is our vision?

The Changing of Youthful Mindset from Creative Fashions to Strong Academics!  To disseminate the slogan, Education Is Cool…Get One!, and its basic content on a macro level, via various communicative media.  This effort will motivate families and students to achieve higher standards of human intelligence.

Why is it important?

In order for any viable academic successes in America to last longer than short-term gains, the Family Unit must step-up its substantive educational involvement.  A civil revolution is necessary to change the average designated family mind-set.  An assumption is made herein, that when certain slogans are universally accepted, the focal group achieves its hard to reach goals.  A well-placed phrase can serve as an aspect of unification for all of the other worthy instruction employed by the community.

What is our philosophy on education, charity, etc?

The foundation believes in the direct correlation between achieving a quality education and thereby becoming a productive, taxpaying, citizen.  We advocate that youth not only obtain their high school diplomas, but further their intellectual development in various areas of higher education.  Private citizens and businesses must support the efforts of foundations, such as this, to insure that those deserving persons can receive enthusiastic boosts to develop their potential.  Lastly, we believe that family involvement is probably the single most significant predictor of student success.  It is further believed that the impact of continuous family involvement in a child’s life should not be underestimated.  

Why are you compelled to serve this target population?

You can take the child out of the inner-city, but can you take the inner-city out of the child?  Our founder is a product of the inner-city, and chooses to help those youth avoid the certain pitfalls in getting out of the negative consequences which exist in certain metropolitan settings.  We are comfortable in those surroundings, which make some persons shiver.  With your assistance, we can grab them by the hands and lead them to safety, through a program of Life Long Literacy.  The recipients then come to understand that Education does matter.  It is very honorable.  This will lead to a better life for the individuals and community.  

Why do they need this program?

Education Is Cool…Get One! is the vibrant Educational Battle Cry!  There is presently no continuity of theme which mandates public efforts.  There is not a cohesive name for the millions of efforts used by stakeholders with students.  A name is definitely needed that will assist in understanding the enormous task…Education Is Cool…Get One!

What population are you trying to reach?

The Orange County Public School Systems, the 10th largest in the nation, with a population over 180,000 initially followed Florida’s 67 School District and 54 States and Territories Public School.  We are aggressively planning to go beyond the state of Florida.

What percent of our budget goes to the Education Is Cool…Get One! Dissemination?

Seventy-Five Percent (75%) of your donation goes towards the purchase of PSA, Billboards, posters, book covers, pens, pencils, t-shirts and other promotional items.  The program administrative cost equal 10%-15% and from 10%-15% for other operating expenses.

Why should we invest in the particular program?

Various studies have found that education reduces the rate of recidivism.  A study by the Federal Bureau of prisons concluded that “the more actively the inmates successfully participated in prison education programs, the less likely they were to recidivate.”  Why wait until a young person becomes a burden on society by committing a crime when acts of prevention through reading can start at earlier ages?  Taxpayers incur 17,681 per annum for one inmate, according to the Florida Department of Corrections.  One PSA or Billboard can reach several potential delinquents.

Are you partnering with other agencies?

Yes, the following represents a partial list of sponsors throughout Central Florida:

  • Orange County Public Schools
  • Orlando Magic
  • Orlando Predators
  • HZ Construction
  • ABG Housing Program
  • G.J. Williams & Associates
  • Lamont Blake
  • DEM Construction
  • McCoy Federal Credit Union
  • And many others

What are our plans for the next 3 – 5 years?

We plan to expand the give-away program throughout the state of Florida, and hopefully the entire country.  

Who do I contact for additional information?

Please contact the Executive Director, Anderson C. Hill, II, M.B.A., J.D., whose address is 1314 N. Pine Hills Road, Orlando, Fl 32808, telephone number 407.375.0716 for further information concerning this program.

Education Is Cool…Get One! is a 501(c) (3) Foundation.  We are excited about the future of all students across America!